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Year-round and Summer Tech Camps for kids Ages 5-14



Year-round and Summer Tech Camps for kids Ages 5-14

Why Code NinjaS Camps?

Code Ninjas Camps offer an excellent solution to keep your child's learning momentum going during school breaks. By providing a fun and interactive coding curriculum, your child will not only develop essential technical skills but also improve their problem-solving and critical thinking abilities under the guidance of experienced Code Senseis™.

Code Ninjas Camps are a fantastic way to keep your child engaged and learning during school breaks. Our camps focus on computer programming and coding, providing your child with the opportunity to develop important tech skills that are in high demand. With the guidance of our experienced Code Senseis™, your child will work on a variety of fun coding projects, such as creating their own interactive games and building and programming robots. Through these experiences, your child will not only gain technical expertise but also develop valuable problem-solving and critical thinking skills

Fun & Engaging
Preparation for
Future Careers
Code Ninas Camps provide a fun and engaging environment that helps kids stay interested and motivated to learn.
Code Ninjas Camps can help kids develop valuable coding skills that can benefit them in the future.
By attending Code Ninjas summer camps, kids have the opportunity to interact and collaborate with their peers, building teamwork and social skills.
Code Ninjas Camps provide an opportunity for kids to explore technology and develop skills in a rapidly growing and in-demand field.


At Code Ninjas Camps, we're proud to offer over 400 centers across the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom, so your child can access our innovative coding programs no matter where you live. Plus, our camps cover a wide range of topics, from beginner-level coding, STEM workshops, physical computing, to advanced game development and robotics. There's truly something for every child to enjoy. At Code Ninjas, we make coding fun!

Code Ninjas offers fun coding camps in over 400 centers across the US, Canada, and the UK for kids of all skill levels

Recommended age ranges for Code Ninjas camps may vary by location. For specific age requirements,
please check with your local Code Ninjas center

JR Adventures in Game Design

Ages 5-7

In this fantastic game-building camp, Ninjas will learn computer science basics by coding mini-games such as a maze, hide-and-seek, and even your own creation!

JR Inventors with Makey Makey

Ages 5-7

Let’s invent something awesome! Using a Makey Makey circuit board you will build cool projects such as vegetable bongo drums, gummy bear pianos, and homemade switches.

JR Makers with Microcontrollers

Ages 5-7

Explore the magical world of physical computing and storytelling with a microcontroller called micro:bit. You will learn how to make objects come to life using sensors, electronics, play dough, cardboard, LED lights, aluminum foil, and more.

JR STEM Discoveries

Ages 5-7

JR Ninjas, come discover the world of STEM by designing and building hands-on projects. You will learn about electricity, building, and more. Plus, you will get to take your projects home!

3D Design and Print

Ages 8+

Calling all artists, designers, and creators! Learn 3D modeling skills using Tinkercad software and watch your builds come to life on our 3D printers.

Adventures in Game Design

Ages 8+

Instead of just playing games, how would you like to code your own? Learn how to build games using the characters you love and the coding skills you will gain throughout the camp! You even get to choose your own themes and worlds.

Become a YouTuber

Ages 8+

Let’s create a YouTube Channel! Ninjas will develop their YouTuber skills as they create and customize their own YouTube channel with unique channel art, video thumbnails, uploads, and more!

Code Your Own Arcade

Ages 8+

If you love retro arcade games, then this is the camp for you! Enhance your programming by remaking classic games and then bring them to life on your own handheld gaming device to share with friends!

Code Your Own Cartoons

Ages 8+

It’s time to unleash your creativity and express yourself as a master storyteller. Throughout this camp you will learn to code your own animations and imaginative stories!

Code Your Own Robot in Minecraft®

Ages 8+

Attention Minecraft® masters! Learn how to use code to control a virtual robot in Minecraft®. You can even program it to complete all of the boring tasks in Minecraft® for you…That’s right! Teach your robots to dig, farm, build, and more.

Create and Compete

Ages 8+

Makey Makey extends beyond the screen and brings engineering and coding concepts to life in exciting new ways. Ninjas will become their own game inventors as they use a Makey Makey circuit board to build, code, and remix classic field day activities in a camp full of movement and fun!

Intro to Roblox Development

Ages 8+

If you love Roblox and want to get started with building your own games, this camp is for you! You will learn the basics of game building in your own 3D Roblox worlds. No experience required.

Inventors with Makey Makey

Ages 8+

Combine the power of coding, electronics, and hardware to create your own interactive game controllers and projects. This is the camp to bring your creativity and innovative thinking to life!

Makers with Microcontrollers

Ages 8+

Exploring the exciting world of physical computing with a microcontroller called micro:bit. This tiny computer makes it possible for you to design a variety of interactive projects, such as a digital pet, multiplayer game, wearable tech, and more!

Modding with Minecraft®

Ages 8+

Attention advanced Minecraft® players! Learn how to make your own mods with custom textures, weapons, armor, enemies, and more.

Moviemaking with Minecraft®

Ages 8+

Take your Creative Mode skills to a new level as you shift your imagination into high gear. Learn how to build epic scenes, tell stories, and record videos in your own Minecraft® world.

Robotics with LEGO®

Ages 8+

LEGO® builders, come explore the LEGO® SPIKE™ Prime robotics kit as you learn how to build and code your own silly dancing robot, a working safe, charging rhino, and more!

Stop Motion Animation

Ages 8+

Tap into the incredible world of Stop Motion Animation and learn techniques from the ground up to create your own movies! Use media such as clay, LEGO® Minifigures, pipe cleaner creatures, and more!

LEGO® Python Engineers

Ages 10+

Robotics adventures await! Join us for a camp full of creativity, fun and collaboration as we introduce your ninja to the worlds of engineering and computer programming using the LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime set and Python Programming Language.

Operation: Code Breakers

Ages 10+

Learn the art of creating and solving coded messages and combine it with the power of computer science to write programs that encrypt and decrypt secret messages. Ninjas will create unique puzzles and build their very own escape room to play and share with fellow campers and friends.

Composing with Code

Ages 11+

Dive into the world of electronic music composition with code using Sonic Pi. Throughout the camp you will recreate songs, build original soundscapes, make unique beats, and perform songs live, all using code.

Intro to Web Development

Ages 11+

Are you ready to build your own website? During this camp you will gain a foundational understand- ing of HTML and CSS as you create and present your very own website and fan page!

Next Level Roblox Development

Ages 11+

Spark your imagination and explore game concepts by digging deeper into the game making side of Roblox, including writing scripts in the Lua – the programming language of Roblox!