general Questions

What are code ninjas operating hours?

Code Ninjas allows for operating hours to be flexible and they often vary by location. The Code Ninjas Development Team will work closely with you to determine the best hours for your specific location. Numerous factors are considered, including local markets, demographics, and personal preferences.

Do I Need To Be A Teacher Or Computer Science Professional To Own A Code Ninjas?

Absolutely not! Opening a Code Ninjas is a great career choice for anybody that wants to have a positive impact on their local community and a desire to see their students grow. Our top-tier New Center Opening process includes training and support during the opening process to share with you the expertise you need to run a successful Dojo.

Do I Need Business Experience To Own A Code Ninjas?

While business skills are good skills to have, you do not need business experience to become a franchisee. A willingness to learn is all that’s required. Our team will walk you through managing Code Ninjas and will guide you through day-to-day business operations as needed.

What are the advantages of a Code Ninjas franchise versus starting my own coding school?

Code Ninjas franchisees have multiple advantages when compared to opening a standalone school. Code Ninjas franchisees enjoy many benefits, including access to a proven business model, industry-leading curriculum, IT systems, marketing materials, and a wide network of franchisee support.

Does Code Ninjas have a design and construction manual?

Yes, Code Ninjas offers franchisees access to our design and construction manual. The manual is shared as soon as the agreement is signed.

selecting a code ninjas location

Will Code Ninjas help me find real estate for my franchise?

Yes, Code Ninjas can help you find real estate. Our Development Team and commercial real estate partners can help franchisees select the best location for their Dojo based on community demographics, local markets, and specific space requirements.

Do I need existing real estate to open a Code Ninjas?

No, you don’t need to have real estate. Our Development Team will work with you to look for the best real estate for your Dojo. If a franchisee already owns real estate, then the Development team will evaluate the local demographics, availability, and viability.

What is the square footage of a typical Code Ninjas location?

The ideal Code Ninjas location is about 1,500 to 2,000 square feet in size. Our team will help franchisees select the best location based on their needs.

Is Code Ninjas accepting new franchisees?

Yes, Code Ninjas is growing! We have availability in both the United States and International markets -- our team can provide additional information and availability.

How long does it take to open a Code Ninjas?

All Dojos are different, and the length of the opening process depends on many different variables. For a better estimation, contact our Development Team for an evaluation of the best timeline for your business.

Is Code Ninjas interested in international expansion?

Yes, Code Ninjas is interested in international units as we continue to expand outside of the United States. We are currently accepting new Franchisees in Canada and the United Kingdom. We are also accepting applications for qualified master franchisees globally. To be considered, you and your team should have a minimum net worth of $2.5 to $5 million USD, liquid assets of $750k USD, and the ability to develop several schools in your territory.

Can I convert my existing coding school into a Code Ninjas franchise?

Yes, opportunities for conversion are evaluated upon request. Contact the Development team to discuss your options for buying a franchise.

Code Ninjas' Curriculum

Does Code Ninjas offer adult coding programs?

No, Code Ninjas does not offer adult coding classes.

Does Code Ninjas have curriculum franchisees must use?

Yes, Code Ninjas has invested significant resources into developing a category-leading curriculum and educational platform. Franchisees will learn more during the training process.

What kind of marketing and advertising support does the franchisor provide?

Code Ninjas offers its franchisees marketing and advertising support throughout the entire lifecycle of owning their business -- from the New Center Opening process to recruiting your first students, to ongoing campaigns.

Can I sell my franchise business in the future?

Yes! If you’re interested in selling in the future, we have a number of resources to help.

What are the risks associated with owning a franchise business?

There are risks to owning any business. Our Development Team will help you understand the biggest risks that Code Ninjas sees and ensure you have the training and resources to overcome them.

How much control will I have over my business as a franchisee?

Code Ninjas Franchisees are independently controlled and operated businesses. While there are several things that must be followed when your sign your Franchise Agreement, we want you to feel a sense of ownership and control over your business.

What are the terms and conditions of the franchise agreement?

Our Development Team can help you understand all terms and conditions once you schedule time with them.

Code Ninjas Faculty & Support

How many employees do I have to hire for my Code Ninjas location? Are instructors considered part-time or full-time employees?

The number of instructors needed for a Code Ninjas location varies from school to school. The size of a Dojo’s faculty depends on a location’s size, demographics, and available markets. Our Development Team can help you to create a unique plan tailored to your school for hiring part-time or full-time instructors.

Do I need to be the owner-operator or can I hire a general manager (GM) for my franchise?

It’s up to the franchisee! Code Ninjas’ franchisees have the option of becoming owner-operator or hiring a general manager. The method that works best for our franchisees is what works best for us.

What kind of support does Code Ninjas offer to franchisees?

We offer Code Ninjas franchisees first-class ongoing support as they build their school and their business, with onboarding, management training, and continuous support during the entire opening process. After opening, Code Ninjas continues to assist franchisees with IT, marketing, curriculum, and operations help desk teams. Reach out to our Development Team for more information.

Does Code Ninjas offer training to franchisees?

Yes, Code Ninjas offers training and support for all franchisees during the opening process and continuous learning opportunities. Learn more about how we support our franchisees for more information by contacting our Development Team.

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