At Code Ninjas, our students learn coding skills through what we believe be the greatest educational learning platform on the market.

We have invested millions to ensure that our students are engaged, challenged, learning and connecting with a community of like-minded coders!

over 400 locations
around the globe.

Code Ninjas is looking to expand its International footprint with qualified and passionate groups interested in a master franchise opportunity or area development agreement.


Headquartered in the U.S. in Houston, Texas, Code Ninjas is the largest and fastest coding education franchise in the world, and for good reason.

Our proprietary curriculum and delivery platform was created by a team of thought leaders in computer science education with a special focus on teaching children.

Our curriculum and technology are so successful in its approach to teaching children how to code that we’ve won the acclaim of everyone from parents to professional musicians to top industry publications. With over 400 Centers, we have embarked on a global growth initiative.

We are searching for well-qualified candidates interested in acquiring the master franchise rights for their countries.

Whether it be the United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, Dubai, Germany, Japan, South Korea, or anywhere else in the world, there is an opportunity for launching Code Ninjas in your area.

Our criteria are simple; if there is a love for education and preparing children for the digital first future ahead, and a need for groundbreaking computer science curriculum to fill the gaps in your market, there is potential for Code Ninjas.


One of the most common ways that franchisors expand into international markets is by identifying suitable business partners through the concept of master franchising, whereby the suitable business partner effectively becomes and takes on the role of a typical franchisor in their country, but with all the support of the original franchisor where the concept originated and was proven.

The benefits of this relationship are symbiotic because neither party needs to reinvent the wheel. Overall, master franchising adds even more to the usual benefits found in the general concept of franchising. The master franchisee invests in a proven system and development brand, whilst the franchisor benefits from the existing business acumen, contacts, experience, and local knowledge the master franchisee brings.

Existing Code Ninjas franchisees are remarkable people with varying backgrounds. In order to be considered for a Master Franchise opportunity, you will need some type of professional business background and a love for child enrichment through education, without needing to be a computer coder necessarily.

Combining these elements with a passion for wanting to expand access to world class coding education goes a long way to ensuring there is a good fit. Although international in scale, Code Ninjas is ultimately a community-based coding education business. Code Ninjas seeks partners who are leaders in their community, those who are active in their neighborhoods, and those who are able to foster a sense of learning and community for children within their Centers.


It’s Not Enough To Have Business Skills And Experience, A Love For Education And  A Passion For Helping Children Realize Their Full Potential In Life.

A Master Franchisee also needs to be able to have access to the funds required to effectively build a foundation initially, and then grow a network of profitable subfranchisees.

Code Ninjas requires that our Master Franchisees have a certain level of minimum net worth ($1M+ USD), with the right amount of that available as liquid capital ($500K+). Each prospective Master Franchisee applicant will require different levels of net worth and liquid capital depending on the country, or countries of interest, and the demographics, cultures, and wealth of the general population


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